MMA’s two biggest promotion’s are currently mapping out their schedules for next year, and have offered up a rough idea of how many event’s they’d like to hold during 2011.

When news of the UFC and WEC’s merger first came to light many people wondered whether that would result in bigger cards and less events overall for the promotion now that both would be housed under the one roof.

According to Dana White that’s not the case.  Following UFC 123 last weekend the UFC president stated that they would now be aiming to put on 30-31 shows next year.  That roughly matches up with the combined total of 32 for the UFC and WEC during 2010.

Meanwhile Strikeforce are aiming to increase their output.  In 2010 they’ve put on 8 major Strikeforce shows in addition to 7 Strikeforce Challengers events for a total of 15 events.  Next year they are aiming for 10 Strikeforce and 10 Strikeforce Challengers show for a total of 20.

So, between the two companies it could be technically possible to have an event for all but one week of the year.  That’s unlikely to happen, but the odds of the two promotion’s running shows on the same evening is now increasingly likely.

We’ll get a taste for how that feels on December 4th when the TUF Season 12 finale goes head-to-head with Strikeforce: Henderson Vs Babalu.   Not an ideal situation, but an increasingly unavoidable one as the sport continues to grow.