Bud Light, one of the UFC’s marquee sponsor’s have signed a new multi-year sponsorship deal with the promotion.

Check out the key aspects of the deal below.

–  Bud Light will now present four UFC pay-per-view events per year as opposed to two previously.

–  The brand will continue to be a featured sponsor for all UFC events.

–  The UFC and Bud Light will combine forces for one special promotional event per year.

–  The first promo event will take place in New Orleans at UFC Fight Night 25 on September 17th live broadcasting via Spike TV.  The event will be dubbed, ‘Battle On The Bayou.’

Overall this is a great deal for the UFC.  Gaining Bud Light as a ‘blue chip’ sponsor three years ago was a major boon to the promotion and helped put to put them on the map with other corporate companies looking for credible marketing opportunities in the sporting realm.

The fact that Bud Light has now not only extended their deal, but enhanced it sends out all the right signals to other potential sponsors and can only be a good thing for the UFC going forward.