UFC Announce China Exec; Now Targeting 1 Billion Households

At the UFC 118 post-fight press conference Dana White introduced their new Executive VP in China, Mark Fischer.

Fischer previously led the NBA’s rapid expansion in Asia, making him the perfect man to grow the sport of MMA in the same region.

“It’s great to be here back in my hometown,” Fischer said. “I’m delighted and honored to work with UFC president Dana White and the Fertitta brothers to build the Ultimate Fighting Championship and our other businesses in Asia.

“It’s a fantastic market. I think we’re just scratching the surface. A lot martial arts began their tradition there. We’re very respectful of that… I was with the NBA in Asia for 12 years. Five or six of those were building the NBA in China. I think as successful as the NBA was there, what we were able to do with that, I think we can just as much with the UFC and more.”

Meanwhile Dana White revealed that the UFC now broadcasts in 500 million homes around the world.

The promotion believes that the rich tradition of mixed martial arts in Asia could make it a key market in pushing that figure towards the 1 billion mark and beyond.


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