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UFC Consider Reducing The Size of The Octagon

The beauty of an interview with Dana White is that you never know when he’s going to throw in a curve ball you didn’t expect.  One of the most interesting talking points in recent times came today in an interview with yahoo! sports:

“Dave Doyle: Would the WEC fighters lose something if you moved them from the smaller WEC cage to the bigger UFC Octagon?

Dana White: Actually, we’ve been talking about making the Octagon smaller. We’re considering making it smaller. [UFC matchmaker] Joe Silva wants it. I think he wants to turn the thing into a [expletive] bathtub. Have them fight in a little tollbooth.”

It’s an intriguing comment that is likely to be met with mixed reactions from both fighters and fans.  Some will argue that a smaller cage would make for more exciting fights since fighters will have less room to move and keep out of danger.  On the other hand reducing the size also reduces a fighters options, and that will not sit well with fans who value the more strategic side of the sport.

Whilst some will point to the  energy and intensity that is a trademark of many WEC fights as proof that a smaller cage works, it is worth bearing in mind that much of this is down to the size of the fighter in that promotion rather just than the cage.   As has been proven in boxing over the years, lighter fighters more often than not are able to keep up a faster pace than their heavier counterparts.   The WEC has clearly benefited in this regards by focusing on the lighter weight classes.

At this stage it is difficult to say how serious the UFC’s discussions on the matter have been.  As we have discussed recently they do however place entertainment at a premium and if there was a groundswell of support from fans for this idea then it is certainly plausible that this idea could become a reality.

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