As things stand UFC pay-per-view events start at 10pm Eastern Time, but according to MMAFighting that may soon change.

The report suggests that UFC officials are currently contemplating shifting the starting time forward by one hour to 9pm ET. The first test of this new time will come at next months UFC 129: GSP Vs Shields event in Toronto, Canada.

The thinking behind the move is that an earlier time-slot will encourage more people in the Eastern time zone, which also includes major Canadian markets like Toronto and Montreal, to buy the events.

While fans in North America are likely to welcome the move, it’s also of benefit to those overseas. For example, UK fans currently have to stay up from 3-6am to watch UFC events live. A 2-5am stretch is still far from ideal, but at that time in the morning every hour counts, and it may encourage some more viewers to stay up late to get the ‘live’ experience.