UFC Events Possible In Scandinavia, Italy And Brazil In 2011

With the UFC’s global footprint growing ever wider a number of new markets are being discussed as potential venues for events in 2011.

At today’s UFC 120 pre-fight press conference in London, England, the promotion’s UK president Marshall Zelaznik got more specific in terms of the new regions they are currently considering.

“We’re doing a lot of work right now in Scandinavia, Italy and Brazil.  Those are the three markets that we’re focusing a lot of attention on.  Those would be potential new markets that you might see an event in next year,” Zelaznik tells Ariel Helwani.

Interestingly just a day earlier Dana White had a different list of potential new stopping points for the UFC bandwagon, naming India, China and Toronto, Canada.

Of course it has to be stressed that this is just what the UFC is hoping to do. This year they also had big plans as well but due to their hectic schedule only events in Abu Dhabi and Australia became a reality, while existing markets like the UK and Germany have also been revisted.

The amount of events the promotion is dealing with now means anything is possible, but I wouldn’t be surprised if in 2011 only two or three new markets get their first taste of the UFC live.

As usual Zelaznik had a lot more interesting things to say in his interview. Here’s a few other highlights:

  • The UFC are still hoping to do between 4-6 events in the UK next year, though there is still work to be done to make that a reality.
  • Zelaznik has targeted major UK news network The BBC as the one media outlet in the region that they would like to have embrace the sport and start covering it due to it’s reach and influence in this part of the world.
  • He says that Ireland is still under consideration for an event in the coming year.
  • Another trip to Abu Dhabi could also happen in 2011.

Watch the interview in full below.


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