UFC Fight Night 32 drew an average of 722,000 viewers this past Saturday night on FOX Sports 1.

That’s up 81,000 viewers from the previous Fight Night show just a few days earlier, and is the third most watched show in the series so far since it started airing on FOX Sports 1.

It’s still a fairly underwhelming number though given that this card has a strong headliner in Vitor Belfort Vs Dan Henderson. That being said, beyond that the card was heavily tailored towards the Brazilian market and didn’t feature many notable names for casual fans to latch onto.

There could also have been some viewer fatigue as this was the second UFC event in four days.

The biggest problems remains the channel itself though. FOX Sports 1 continues to struggle to gain momentum, and the UFC events are actually doing very well compared to most of it’s other content, with the network’s average currently being in the region of 261,00 viewers.

UFC Fight Night’s On FOX Sports 1:

UFC Fight Night 26: 1.78 million viewers

UFC Fight Night 27: 824,000 viewers

UFC Fight Night 28: 539,000 viewers

UFC Fight Night 29: 638,000 viewers

UFC Fight Night 31: 641,000 viewers

UFC Fight Night 32: 722,000 viewers