Stay tuned to this evening for all the results live as they happen from ‘UFC Fight Night 33’ in Australia.

The preliminary action is set to get underway at around 6.30pm ET (11.30pm UK) with the main card going live at 9pm ET (2am UK).

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Main Card:

Mark Hunt vs. Antonio Silva ends in a majority draw (48-47, 47-47 x2)

Fight Report

Mauricio Rua defeats James Te Huna by KO at 1.03mins of Rd1

Fight Report

Ryan Bader defeats Anthony Perosh by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 30-26)

Fight Report

Soa Palelei defeats Pat Barry by KO at 2.09mins of Rd1

Fight Report

Clint Hester defeats Dylan Andrews by TKO (doctor’s stoppage) at 5.00mins of Rd2

Unfortunate end to this one as Dylan Andrews dislocated his right shoulder after landing an overhand punch awkwardly during the second round He actually made it to the bell, but the doctor decided he couldn’t continue on into the final five minutes, so Hester’s handed the TKO victory. Prior to that Andrews had scored some solid takedowns to get the better of the first round, but Hester had surprised him with a takedown in the second and opened up a cut with some good strikes on the mat before the injury occurred.

Bethe Correia defeats Julie Kedzie by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)

This was a close striking battle from start to finish. Kedzie showed better movement and a little more variety with some nice kicks at times, but Correia looked to be landing her punches with more authority and in the third round she also scored the only takedown of the fight. In a close fight like this moments like that make all the difference and Correia emerges with a razor thin spit decision victory. Special mention has to go to Greg Jackson’s bizarre coaching for Kedzie during this fight. Answers on a postcard please as to why he thought it was a good idea to randomly shout, “Just kidding, just kidding” at the top of his voice at various times during the bout.


Takeya Mizugaki defeats Nam Phan by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-28)

This was a great fight. Phan is a difficult man to outstrike, but that’s exactly what Mizugaki was doing during an impressive display of boxing in the opening round. He was consistently beating Phan to the punch, piecing together frequent short, sharp combinations and some very nice body punches to boot. Add in the occasional takedown and Mizugaki was on fire. That continued in the second round as he continued with more of the same and then dropped Phan momentarily with a left hand. Mizugaki then poured it on with more offense as his opponent did his best to survive up against the cage. He managed to do just that though and Mizugaki had used up a lot of energy trying to finish him. To his credit, Phan was still game and looked relatively fresh despit the number of blows he’d absorbed, and in the third round he started to gain the ascendency against his tiring opponent. a few strikes seemed to have Mizugaki hurt at one stage, but he hung in there and was swinging heavy leather again as the round ended. Real contender for ‘Fight Of The Night’ here.

Caio Magalhaes defeats Nick Ring by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

In the opening round of this bout Ring looked to have the edge both on the feet and on the mat. In the second he looked like he was going to continue to have the upperhand as he took Magalhaes to the mat and landed some ground and pound from the crucifix position. However, Magalhaes then managed to sweep on top and did enough to steal the round with his work from top postion for the remainder of the five minute spell. Early in the third round Magalhaes landed a nice combo that backed up Ring who then came in with a tired looking takedown attempt that failed. Magalhaes was able to get on top from that and appeared to have a relatively easy time controlling Ring from there, with his biggest threat coming from the Australian ref who seemed determined to stand them back up at every opportunity!

Justin Scoggins defeats Richie Vaculik by TKO at 4.43mins of Rd1

Scoggins came flying out of the gate in this fight and never gave Vaculik time to catch his breath. He was busy on his feet and effective with takedowns in the early stages, before really making an impact when a punch connected cleanly and dropped Vaculik. He got back to his feet, but it wasn’t long before Scoggins got him down again, worked to mount and then rained down punches when Vaculik turned to his back until the ref decided he’d seen enough.

Krzysztof Jotko defeats Bruno Santos by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)

Much of the first two rounds of this fight were something of a stalemate from the clinch as Santos attempted to get his opponent to the mat, while Jotko battled to keep it standing. Things picked up a bit when Jotko landed the punch of the fight late in the second round, a left hand that dropped Santos near the cage. Santos made it out of the round though and then finally got the big takedown he was looking for in the third. He looked better here as he moved to side control and then took Jotko’s back. He then made the mistake of leaving too much space and Jotko was able to reverse the position and spent the rest of the round on top, paving the way for his decision victory.

Alex Garcia defeats Ben Wall by KO at 0.43mins of Rd1

Well the opening fight of the night didn’t last long, did it?! Garcia dismantled Wall with a huge uppercut and a couple of extra bombs as he headed to the mat sealed the deal with just 43 seconds on the clock.