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UFC Fight Night 57 / UFC On FOX 13 Trailers Are ‘Virtually Identical’

The UFC have offered up new trailers for two of their upcoming events towards the tail end of the year – UFC Fight Night 57: Edgar Vs Swanson on November 22nd and UFC On FOX 13: Dos Santos Vs Miocic which takes place on December 13th.

One interesting thing you’ll notice while watching these two trailers back-to-back is that aside from the names and faces being different, all other aspects of them are, as Mike Golderg would say, “virtually identical’.

We’re not kidding – the overall look, the feel, the music, the crowd shots, even the audio clips from Buffer, Rogan and Goldie are all exactly the same.

check it out for yourselves below.

UFC Fight Night 57:

UFC On FOX 13:

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