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UFC fighter Shane Carwin Named During Steroids Trial

It’s fair to say Shane Carwin isn’t having the best of weekend’s. As we just reported earlier, yesterday he invited what appears to have been the fan from hell to come out with him on a boating trip.

Today however  a far more serious matter has come to light.

On Friday a J. Michael Bennett, who was amongst a group of men described as a, ‘drug dealers in lab coats’, was sentenced to four years in jail for participating in a national conspiracy to sell anabolic steroids, reports.

A number of professional athletes were named during the trial as having received steroids from him, including UFC heavyweight star Shane Carwin.  Other familiar names on the list include pro-wrestler Kurt Angle and bodybuilder Toney ‘The X-Man’ Freeman.

It should be stressed that this appears to have occurred in a period between 2004-2006 – before Carwin was contracted to the UFC, and there’s no evidence to suggest that he is currently using steroids.

Nonetheless it’s a serious allegation and one that the 265lb fighter, who has enjoyed a clean-cut image during his time with the promotion, will surely need to address in the coming days.

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