UFC Fighters Dan And Joe Lauzon Embroiled In Family Feud

A developing family feud between brothers Dan and Joe Lauzon became public knowledge over the weekend.

The first sign that all was not well with the two UFC fighters  came when Dan mentioned to the Boston Herald that his brother, along with trainer Joe Pomfret and boxing coach Steve Maze, would not be cornering him in his next fight against Efrain Escudero at UFC 114.

“This is going to be the first fight I don’t have them in my corner,” Dan Lauzon told the Herald. “They’re not going to be there to support me. It (stinks). I don’t really know what I did to deserve this. I wouldn’t do that to anybody. I wouldn’t do that to my brother, I wouldn’t do that to anyone in my gym. It’s not right.”

Today his brother Joe gave his side of the story in detail via a blog on his own website, citing Dan’s lack of effort in training for his decision not to corner him.

“With Dan, it’s always “something”. You have never seen someone that has no job because they are a “full-time fighter” that trains less. There is a list a mile long of things he has to do… but training is usually way down the list. If it’s not that he is too busy… it’s him getting a new tattoo in the middle of training camp… which either doesn’t let him train or greatly limits what he can do. This has happened for nearly half a dozen fights in a row now.”

Joe goes on to describe how they gave Dan an ultimatum to try to prevent the same cycle from repeating itself once again.

“Joe Pomfret, Steve Maze and I knew we all had to act a single unit. This was all or nothing and we all used the same language and tone with him so there was no misunderstanding. We were very clear that if he failed to train 10 or 11 times a week, we were not going to corner for him.”

It appears that the ultimatum failed to have the desired effect and so Joe and the coaches are now taking the “tough love” approach with the fighter.

It’s an unfortunate situation, and one that hopefully can be resolved before it turns even uglier. If not then don’t be shocked if you see Dan and Joe fighting against each other in the UFC some time soon.

A few months ago Joe was asked if he would ever fight his brother and somewhat surprisingly at the time he didn’t seem adverse to it, though he later appeared to distance himself from the idea.

Joe Lauzon is currently 5-2 during his time in the UFC, while Dan is 0-2 and holds the record for the youngest ever competitor to fight in the promotion at 18 years of age.