UFC Injury Updates: Alan Belcher, Thiago Silva And Mike Swick

Lately there’s been a few updates on the long-term injuries and illnesses suffered by UFC regular’s Alan Belcher, Thiago Silva and Mike Swick that should explain why you’ve not seen these guys in the octagon recently.

See below for the latest information.

Alan Belcher:

Following on from the news we posted yesterday regarding Alan Belcher’s detached retina, his wife Ashlee has now posted some additional information regarding the second surgery he just underwent.

“He is doing ok. He’s very uncomfortable though. He has to be face down as much as possible. The surgery was a vitrectomy.”

A victrectomy involves removing some or all of the vitreous humor (the internal jelly found in the eye).  The surgery is often undertaken to help preserve the the sight and function of eyes.

It will be several weeks at the earliest before Belcher will have a better understanding of how badly is eye will be affected by the problems he’s encountered since early last month.

Thiago Silva:

Brazilian light-heavyweight contender Thiago Silva has had to spent much of 2010 on the sidelines due to a recurring back problem that’s been troubling him for over two years now.

The latest news on his recovery comes from Tatame who spoke to the fighter this week.

“This time I got hurt one week before the fight, and it was even more serious,” says Silva, who had been scheduled to fight at UFC 117.  “I lost the movement of my right leg, but I’m doing my recovery work now. I’m not training it all, but they say I’ll be able to train within four weeks.”

Silva now hopes to be able to get back in the octagon in December.

Mike Swick:

Welterweight fighter Mike Swick has had a rough last few years as he secretly battled what doctors believed was a non-treatable stomach disorder called Dyspepsia.  This forced him to drastically alter his diet, reducing his intake by two thirds, and so resulted in considerable weight loss and a lack of energy.

After his defeat to Paulo Thiago earlier this year it got to the point where Swick feared that the condition may affect his ability to continue fighting, so he went to see a specialist.

Their it was discovered that he had been misdiagnosed and he had in fact been suffering from esophageal spasm with acid reflux.   Overall this is good news for Swick as there are options to treat this disorder, though naturally he is frustrated that he’s wasted four years of his life dealing with it.

Swick is not quite out of the woods yet though.  He is set to have treatment for his condition, but it is only 60% effective, and if it is not successful he may have to undergo a potentially dangerous operation.

Like Alan Belcher, Swick’s only option is to wait and see what happens next, and hope that he can bounce back from this and return to fighting.


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