UFC Offer Karo Parisyan A Lifeline

According to a new report from MMAfighting, the UFC have offered exiled fighter Karo Parisyan a chance to return to the promotion he made his name in.

Parisyan is believed to have verbally agreed to fight veteran Dennis Hallman at November’s UFC 123 event in Michigan.

Once one of the most respected welterweights in the promotion, Parisyan’s troubles with injuries, a painkiller addiction and anxiety attacks set his career into freefall and eventually led to him being booted out of the UFC after pulling out of a fight at short notice.

At that stage it seemed there would be no way back for ‘The Heat’, with Dana White stating that he had ran out of second chances.

It seems that a year later, and after Parisyan got back to fighting with a win over Ben Mortimer at Impact FC 1 in Australia earlier in July, that they are willing to offer him an olive branch.

I can understand why the UFC would do so.  In his prime Parisyan was an exciting fighter who had shown an excellent aptitude for incorporating Judo into MMA.

At the same time I fear that this may be too much too soon for the troubled fighter.  For a better understanding of why, feel free to read the article I wrote about Parisyan’s behavior at Impact FC.  It was clearly evident in the days leading up to that even that he is still battling his demons and his anxiety issues appeared to be running rampant.

I was happy to see him get the win under his belt on that occasion, but really he needed several more like it to get some stability before returning to the big stage.

At the time even Parisyan seemed to acknowledge that fact.

“I need more time. My body looks like a third-grader body. But I’m trying to get back,” he told Sherdog’s Jordan Breen after the event.

It looks like he’s going to get thrown back into the deep end again though.  From a financial perspective perhaps it was necessary, and you can’t blame him for jumping at the opportunity.

I just hope it doesn’t end badly again as, while no one doubts his skills, this is surely his last chance to prove that he still has what it takes, both mentally and physically.


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