FOX are already feeling the benefits of their new seven year deal with the UFC as AdWeek reports that they have been able to sell adverts for the hour long show at a rate of $100,000+ each, allowing the network to rake in over $1.5 million in revenue.

To put that into perspective, a 30 second ad spot on FOX would normally cost around $50,000. According to FOX companies had no issues paying the fee.

“We sold out all 15 units in a week,” Todd Siegel, executive vp, Fox Sports Cable Sales told AdWeek. “In fact, we could have sold more units, but people came to us a little late. We had to turn down a couple movie studios as well as an automotive client.”

They had no trouble encouraging major brands to get on-board either, with Budweiser, The U.S Marines, Casio, 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros all set to feature during the breaks.

All in all it’s fair to say that from an advertising perspective this event has already been a home-run. The trick now will be to sustain that leading into the official start of the deal in January.

Their ability to do that hinges on Saturday night’s event. As things stand the advertisers have bought into the idea of having UFC on FOX and the potential audience that could bring to the table, but no-one knows for sure how many people will tune in. If the numbers that emerge turn out to be disappointing then it could drive down both the potential profits and the enthusiasm for these ad spots in the future.

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