Following this evening’s UFC On FOX event the stars of the evening gathered in front of the media for the post-fight press conference.

See our keynotes from the presser below and scroll down to the bottom of the page for the full video.

– Dana says he feels “great” after the show. He points out that he said from the beginning that this could go 30 seconds or 30 minutes. He adds that you never know what’s going to happen when the heavyweights get into the cage.

– Dana says he is just pleased that they managed to blend the production between FOX and UFC and make it smooth and seamless which was always his biggest concern.

– Dana was surprised that Velasquez didn’t try to take Dos Santos down or try to clinch with him rather than get into the Brazilian’s range and try to bang with him.

– Dos Santos said he had a problem with his knee, and regardless of that he wasn’t exactly enthused about the idea of fighting five rounds with Velasquez given how good his cardio is.

– Velasquez had no major problems with his knee going into the fight and didn’t have anything more than the usual niggling injuries he would expect to have going into a fight.

He said the loss is his fault for not sticking to his gameplan and pressuring Dos Santos more.

– Velasquez believes the stoppage was just. He was concious when he first dropped to the canvas but his body wasn’t responding and Dos Santos did a good job of following up with punches.

– Dana stresses that this fight was just a “welcome to FOX” showcase and he berates anyone who complains that they didn’t get to see any other fights on the live portion of the event on FOX.

– Dana still believes that Velasquez is one of the top heavyweights in the world and he’s keen to get him back in the Octagon once he gets healed up from any lingering knee injury.

– Ben Henderson is happy to get the ‘W’ any way he can get it and would have gratefully excepted it even if his opponent “had slipped on a puddle”. He’s disappointed by his performance though and says we haven’t seen anything from him yet.

He believes the fight will be aired at some point and that it was a good, fun fight.

– Guida gives Henderson praise, saying that he is a warrior and showed the same quality of fighting that he has in many of his previous appearances.

– Velasquez gameplan was to establish his legs and kicks, put Dos Santos under pressure and go for the takedown if the opportunity arose.

“This is not the end for me,” Velasquez says, and plans to get right back into the gym and has learned his lesson not to deviate from the gameplan.

– White confirms that Dos Santos will now go on to fight the winner of Brock Lesnar Vs Alistair Overeem.

– Dos Santos gameplan was to keep the fight standing and look for the knockout early in the fight when his power was at it’s greatest.

– Frankie Edgar Vs Ben Henderson will take place in Japan in February of next year. White think it’ll be a great main event.

– The estimate is that 60 million people watched Junior Dos Santos tonight back home in Brazil. White points out there’s only 200 million people in Brazil which makes it even more amazing.

“Wow! I am famous!” Dos Santos exclaims with a laugh.

– Henderson says he fed off the energy of the crowd and enjoyed the atmosphere after his victory, though he hates going to decisions.

Guida confesses that he fights for the fans and is glad that they put on an entertaining bout for the crowd though he’s disappointed in his opponent.

– Henderson is very excited for the Frankie Edgar fight and feels he matches up well with him and that they will put on a great show. He feels that he needs to stick to his gameplan more in this upcoming fight though and be more technical than he was tonight.

– Dos Santos doesn’t have a preference whether to fight Lesnar or Overeem, but he will be watching it with interest. He believes Brock will win.

– Henderson wasn’t worried when he was caught in a tight submission hold as “my submission defence is not too shabby,” and he knew the correct way to escape.

– As far as the production goes Dana believes “it couldn’t have gone better.”

– White is interested to see whether Lesnar can take Overeem down, and if he can’t whether Lesnar can handle him in the stand-up department.

– Alex Caceras is delighted to have his first fight in the UFC and says he was more focused on the fight this time around rather than everything going on around him.

– Dustin Poirier was very happy to get his first finish in the UFC.

– Velasquez would be happy to fight Cheick Kongo again if it helps him get back to a title shot.

– Dana felt great tonight, saying that once he had the production locked down prior to tonight’s bout that he felt relaxed.

– Brazil is a huge market for the UFC according to Dana and points out that they have one of the largest economies in the world. “Brazil is the new Canada.”

He also is excited about a forthcoming TUF Brazil and promises that the level of talent that comes from it will be remarkable. While that show is imminent he doesn’t know who the coaches will be yet.

– White refers to the Culinary Union who have been campaigning against the UFC recently as the “Coalition Of I Have Nothing To Do With My Life,” and laughs off the idea that they want FOX to take the UFC off-air, pointing out the fact that the UFC has already been on television for six years.

– White says tonight was about easing their way into network television and teaching a mainstream audience, educating them about the sport and giving an insight into the fighters incredible stories which help illustrate that they are perhaps not what an outsider would percieve them as.

– Guida describes Henderson is “an adrenalin junkie” and compares him to both Edgar and himself in terms of the energy he has.

– White gives a closing speech. Thanks his backroom staff, the fighters who always put on a show whether it’s a big event or a small one, and the media who have followed the sport for a long time and travel around the world on the same schedule as him to cover all the event. “I appreciate you very much.”

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