Below you’ll find keynotes from today’s UFC On FOX 1 pre-fight press conference which featured Dana White, Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos.

– FOX COO introduces the presser. He thanks the UFC for offering the heavyweight championship fight on the network even though their deal doesn’t officially start until January.

He also reminds everyone that their UFC programming will include a two hour preview on Fuel TV and FOX Deportes leading up to the fight on Saturday night.

– Dana admits it’s a relief that both Velasquez and Dos Santos are healthy given the UFC’s bad luck with injuries recently.

He goes on to claim that this is the biggest fight in both UFC and MMA history given that it will introduce the sport to millions of new fans and is a step towards becoming mainstream as a sport.

– Cain Velasquez says this feels just like a normal fight week and he’s looking forward to fighting in L.A again.

Junior Dos Santos admits he’s feeling really excited about the event, doesn’t feel any more pressure than his last fight and plans to enjoy every moment of it.

– Velasquez says that both he and his opponent will see “two fighters who will go forward and battle it out” and have an exciting fighting style, and also points out that they’ve never had a boring fight.

– Dos Santos promises “a great fight and a war.” He says Velasquez is currently the No.1 heavyweight fighter in the world, but he’ll change that on Saturday night.

– Velasquez has no problem fighting bigger guys in the UFC, noting that in wrestling he competed with guys who weighed as much as 285lbs.

Dos Santos feels that being slightly lighter than some of the other heavyweights in the division is actually a benefit as it allows him to be faster than them.

– Dos Santos expects a lot of people to be rooting for Velasquez on Saturday night given that he’s popular in California and has a strong Hispanic support, but he always believes that around the world there will be a lot of people supporting him to and he’ll take that energy into the cage with him. He plans to keep his focus on the fight and Velasquez though.

– Velasquez says he plans to fight everywhere and anywhere in this bout. He plans to box with Dos Santos, but if the opportunity arises to take it somewhere else he’ll do that too.

– Dos Santos says he loves to fight standing and will try to keep it that way. He predicts if that does happen then it will be a great fight for the fans and he will go for the knockout.

– White believes it’s a big deal that Velsquez is the only Mexican heavyweight champion ever, but says that they are not trying to go after the Hispanic community specifically, but rather they want everyone to watch and no matter where you are in the world Velasquez’s story resonates.

– White says he would have picked this fight even if he could have had his time again and had his entire roster healthy. He just doesn’t believe these two fighters can produce a boring fight.

– The UFC president believes that any age group can get into the sport, all it takes is for a person to be exposed to it and then they’ll become addicted to it.

– For White, his proudest moment is that this deal means that the fighters will be on an equal platform with the other major sports stars where they deserve to be.

“You have a Mexican fighting a Brazilian and everyone around the world is dying to see this fight,” says White.

– Dana White jokes that Simon Cowell would be a better judge than some of the one’s that have called UFC fights lately.

– Junior is ready to go five rounds, but doesn’t believe it’s going to go that long. Velasquez believes it will be a five round war and that’s what he’s preparing for.

White agrees with JDS that it won’t go the full 25 minutes, but just hopes it goes at least one round.

– It was FOX’s idea to have this “teaser” event on Saturday according to White.

It was also FOX’s decision to go up on the same night as the Pacquiao Vs Marquez boxing fight, but White is keen to stress that the UFC On FOX event will be finished an hour before the boxing PPV main event.

Therefore he thinks it can benefit both sports, with real fight fans making it a point to watch both.

– White notes that you have to like your television partners when you’re going to be in business with them for seven years and that’s exactly what they have with FOX.

– Velasquez didn’t have any problems rehabing his shoulder injury, and had plenty of time to train at 100% in the build-up to this fight.