UFC On FOX 2: Pre-Fight Press Conference Notes

The ‘UFC On FOX 2’ pre-fight press conference has just wrapped up and it was pretty lively, with Rashad Evans and Phil Davis in particular trading verbal blows, and we’ve got full notes from it for you below.

– Dana White jokes that he’s hoping for bigger numbers from the FOX broadcast this time around considering that ‘UFC On FOX 1’ only featured one minute of fight and one hour of talking while this event will have two hours of fights.

– He that both Chael Sonnen and Michael Bisping are up for the No.1 contender spot with a victory on Saturday night.

White claims Sonnen is “nuts” and that he should hold a separate presser just to dismiss all the things that he says. He confirms that despite Sonnen’s claims he will fight Anderson Silva next if he wins.

– Dana sees no problem with Sonnen fighting Silva in Brazil and they will ensure his safety.

– Sonnen brought a UFC title belt with him and claims he won it in his fight with Anderson Silva. Michael Bisping pitches in saying that you can buy them on eBay for $29.99.

– Rashad Evans wants to have as many fights as he can before he runs out of steam and with that said confirms that he’d like to fight again sooner rather than later if he wins on Saturday night.

– Bisping says of Sonnen, “he’s a great wrestler, I’m a great fighter” and has no doubts that is the better boxer of the two.

– Mike Russow is delighted to be fighting in his hometown of Chicago and he much prefers this to having to travel before a fight. He still works for the police force so he had to use up all his vacation time in order to train for this bout, but it didn’t bother him.

– Chael doesn’t understand fighter camps and believes that those who go to a camp to prepare for a fight are just looking for an excuse to get away from their wife and kids.

– Sonnen guarantees that Saturday night’s will break records on FOX.

– Phil Davis says “these are odds that I’m used to” regarding his underdog status and confidently states that after Saturday night Rashad will no longer be the light-heavyweight division’s No.1 contender.

– Chris Weidman admits that given his late notice call-up he’s had to focus much of his brief training camp on getting his weight down, but he’s surprised himself by getting down easier than he thought he would. He acknowledges that a 10 day training camp isn’t ideal for an opponent of Demain Maia’s stature, though he feels as if he’s been training his whole life for this fight and feels comfortable with his jiu-jitsu.

– Weidman was the UFC’s second choice to fight Maia – their first pick was Rousimar Palhares but he wasn’t able to take the bout.

– Phil Davis laughs off Evans claims that he could beat him in a wrestling bout. “Cocaine’s a helluva drug” he quips, before adding that he doesn’t mind as he encourage kids to have a good imagination. He then states that Evans couldn’t even beat him at thumb wrestling.

Evans is fuming at being the butt of the joke and fires back, claiming Davis wrestling technique “is trash”. They then bicker back and forth but they are talking over each other so it’s hard to hear what’s being said, but Davis does point out that he’s a four time NCAA wrestling champion.

Later Evans claims that Davis ducked fighting him last year as he was scared, but he’s not getting a rise out of Davis who says his opponent must be on drugs and that he’s glad he’s going to get tested before they fight.

– Bisping expects a lot of energy in the arena on Saturday night during his fight, but he’s not sure whether it will be positive or negative. He believes he’ll thrive on it either way.

– John-Olav Einemo reveals that he had a disastrous journey to the U.S which took over 20 hours after people spotted a burning smell during his fight resulting in an emergency landing in Ireland.

– Maia jokes that he wants to fight Sonnen for the belt he brought today. Sonnen believes he will have a rematch with Maia at some stage in the future, and it will be for the title.

– Evans feels comfortable since he’s fighting in his home city and he has bought a lot of tickets for friends and family. He’s mindful not to feel too comfortable though given that he’s heading into an important fight.

– Sonnen wasn’t a wrestling fan growing up, he was a boxing fan and Sugar Ray Leonard was his hero.

– Einemo would love to be a part of the Sweden event soon as it’s an historic occasion for Scandanavian MMA.

– Evans likens Davis to a combination of Arsenio Hall and John Salley. Davis encourages the fans to give Evans a round of applause for his carefully rehearsed gag.

– Dana confirms that if Bisping wins and fights Silva the event will be held in Brazil, not the UK.


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