Below you’ll find new UFC heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos’ post-fight interview with the media after his knockout victory of Cain Velasquez.

The focus of the conversation was the news that emerged post-fight that Dos Santos had been struggling with an injury in the days leading up to the fight.

Dos Santos revealed that he had “a very serious” injury to the miniscus in his knee before the fight which occured when he twisted it during a jiu-jitsu session in training.

“10 days ago I couldn’t walk” he claims, but he couldn’t miss “the fight of my life” so his doctor to help him.

The physician assessed the situation and decided he could still compete, but that he would need to take care with it. That in turn impacted on his training, restricting what he could do in the final days of his camp.

Leg work was out of the question so he only trained his upper body while also engaging in physical therapy including training in a pool, and was given medicine and cortisone shots to aleviate the symptoms.

What he couldn’t do however was cardio work and he admits, “I was worried I would get tired,”. He was also concerned what would happen if he got kicked in the leg or knee, but he managed to get through the fight without that happening.

The good news is that Dos Santos does feel he will need surgery, though he will be going to a doctor now who will assess the full extent of the damage and decide what needs to happen next.

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