Following tonight’s UFC On FX 2 event down under in Australia a number of the fighters joined Dana White to reflect on the evening’s entertainment at the post-fight presser, and we’ve got the keynotes from it for you below.

– Dana White drops an immediate bombshell – the Demetrious Johnson Vs Ian McCall fight should have ended in a majority draw rather than a majority win for ‘Mighty Mouse’.

As a majority draw the fight would have went to a ‘sudden victory’ fourth round.

– The commissioner who made the mistake then gets on the stage and apologizes for making an error, marking down one judges scoring of the final round as a 10-9 rather than a 10-8.

– Ian McCall admits he feels vindicated by the revelation and he’s happy with it and is looking forward to fighting him again.

– Johnson felt he had done enough to win, but he’s also ok with doing it again. He admits he was bracing himself for a ‘sudden victory’ round.

– Joseph Benavidez says he’s looking forward to seeing the McCall Vs Johnson rematch.

– Dana isn’t happy about it, particularly as it immediately slows down the start of the flyweight division but sums up by saying “controversy seems to stick to us like glue these days.”

– White spoke to the fighters pre-fight and reminded them of Tim Boetsch’s come-from-behind victory last week as motivation for them to fight until the final bell, and so he was pleased to see Martin Kampmann do something similar against Thiago Alves tonight.

– White was really impressed with Anthony Perosh, particularly given that he’s 39.

For his part Perosh says age doesn’t matter and he feels that he’s getting better and is as fit as he’s ever been. If he didn’t think he could compete any more he would quit.

– Dana is still waiting to see what’s going to happen with GSP’s recouperation from injury and whether that will mean Carlos Condit will have to fight again first.

– Martin Kampmann confirms that Thiago Alves kicks hard, saying that despite the fact he didn’t hit him all that often he has a sore leg right now.

– White says Australia is a huge market for the UFC and they will be back. Tonight’s event set a record, hauling in the biggest gate of any ‘Fight Night’ card ever at over $2 million.

– The UFC president declines to declare how he scored the Johnson Vs McCall fight, saying it doesn’t matter as he’s not a judge. He jokes that he “went through this sh!t last week”, a reference to him declaring that he though Frankie Edgar won at UFC 144 post-fight only to change his mind after watching it a second time.

– White declares that the flyweight division is awesome and that those fighters will start headlining cards once they have a champion just the same as they would do with any other division.

– There’s a call for New Zealand to get an event, but White says there’s quite a few places in Australia they want to go to first before they think about going there.

– McCall is just having a great time being in the UFC and thinks he and Johnson will have fun beating each other up again.

White adds that there were two different reactions from the fighters when he broke the news about the decision error – McCall was happy, Johnson was not.

– McCall and Johnson will both get their win bonuses to go along with a ‘Fight Of The Night’ bonus.

– Kyle Noke fought most of his fight with a blown out knee.

– Dana finishes by saying that this was a great event and all the fighters delivered from the first fight to the last.