Brazil has been a huge market for the UFC over the last couple of years and they have big plans for the region in 2013, but they haven’t got off to the greatest start this year with sales figures for ‘UFC On FX 7’ in Sao Paulo reported to be sluggish.

Only half of the 11,000 seats have been sold so far according to Dave Melter of The Wrestling Observer, a surprisingly low number given the fact that this is the UFC’s first time visiting the city.

In all fairness though it’s not a particularly strong FX event with only the headliner, featuring Vitor Belfort Vs Michael Bisping, being of any real note. In fact I wouldn’t have been overly taken aback if this one had been earmarked as a Fuel TV event.

I don’t think this is any major indication of the UFC’s popularity in Brazil heading back downhill, but it does serve as a warning that Brazilian fans aren’t necessarily just going to buy into whatever the UFC pushes their way, and potentially hints that despite being a big star in his native country for a number of years, high-profile losses to Anderson Silva and Jon Jones may have dented Belfort’s drawing power to some extent.