UFC On The Brink Of Russian TV Deal

In a new interview on ‘The MMA Hour’ radio show the UFC’s Chief Global Officer Garry Cook has revealed that the promotion are on the brink of a television deal in Russia.

“We’re just about to announce a television deal in Russia. 55 million households,” Cook told Ariel Helwani. “We’ve never done an event in Russia. The growth is all of that, a global business is how you make sure you create relevant content in the U.S, relevant content for all the other markets, creating more content, creating local heroes, national fame.

“The story is two people in combat. There’s gonna be a winner, there’s gonna be a loser. There’s no more drama than that. And that sells, wherever you are in the world.”

In the past securing a TV deal in a region has generally been the precursor to the UFC delivering a live event there and it appears that will be no different with Russia, though there’s still a question mark regarding how soon that might happen.

“We’re gonna be on television in Russia. Eventually, there will be a show in Russia, but we don’t know if that will be next year.”

During his interview Cook also pinpointed a couple of other countries that they hope to visit in the near future.

“Poland, we’ve got some plans there. They have been calling us for having an event in Poland. Scotland, you can’t help but think of Joanne Calderwood, who’s becoming a starlet there. We’d like to think about doing something at Glasgow. We have some plans.”


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