THQ recently gave a hands-on demonstration of their upcoming title ‘UFC Personal Trainer’ which aims to get gamers up out of their chairs and getting fit like their favorite mixed martial arts stars.

See below for a rundown of the key features of the game mentioned during the preview using XBox 360’s Kinect system, and scroll down for a video from the media gathering courtesy of TheFightNerd.

– Over 70 excercises included, with at least 36 of them being MMA inspired excercises, with the rest being taken from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

– Greg Jackson, Mark Dellagrotte and Javier Mendez are the three coaches in the game, and each had an input into the games development and the MMA specific excercises. The three coaches will offer completely different workouts.

– For the Kinect version of the game THQ have made adjustments (such as removing your avator from the screen) to ensure there’s very little lag while you’re performing the actions.

– There’s a whole range of workout routines available for users to choose from, but players can also make up their own custom routines.

– NASM say that they’ve been collaborating with THQ on this game for 18 months, and that this is the first game they’ve ever endorsed in their 25 year history.

– The game comes with an initial fitness assessment which will lead to you being graded by the computer according to your performance and adjust your workouts accordingly.

– As you progress with the workouts the game will track your progress and offer you a chance to compare your stats and view graphs based on your performance in each workout, and overall.

– The game will come with 30 minutes of video content with tips and tricks to help you get more from the workouts.

– There’s 30 day and a 60 day programs, plus three different intensity levels and three different end ‘goals’:

1. Weight Loss
2. Strength Building
3. Muscular Endurance And Improved Performance

– There’s a number of fighters in the game that you can ‘hit the mitts’ with including Dan Hardy, Cain Velasquez and Urijah Faber.

If you want to get your hands on it then The UFC Personal Trainer is released on June 21st.

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