The UFC’s long awaited return to Japan earlier this year for UFC 144 proved to be a success and the promotion now has plans to ramp up their presence in the birth place of martial arts next year.

That’s according to the UFC’s Managing Director Of Asia, Mark Fisher in a new interview with Nikkan Sports.

He tells the newspaper that the UFC are planning to hold four events in 2013 in a bid to build awareness of the UFC in the region and foster the martial arts talent found there.

Interestingly, they won’t be the usual numbered UFC events, but rather a seperate “Japan Series” which will be held at more intimate 5,000 seater venues.

It’s good to see that they are planning to commit to the Japanese market on a regular basis, though I am a little surprised to hear that they’ll be visiting quite so often next year.

After the recent spell of cards being weakened, and in the case of UFC 151 event canceled, due to injuries recently I’d hoped that perhaps they would consider reducing the number of shows they were putting on next year and focus on quality over quantity, but this news suggests they are moving full steam ahead with their aggressive schedule and expansion plans.

Update: Mark Fisher has since claimed that the Japanese newspaper misquoted him and that the four shows mentioned here are, “simply just things we are just looking at,” and “pure speculation at this point.”