One major absentee from tonight’s ‘UFC On Fuel TV 3’ event was Dana White – the first time the UFC president has missed a show in his eleven years in the UFC.

It turns out that White missed the show due to illness after having been diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease earlier this week.

The disease is a is an inner ear camera problem that affects your hearing and balance and attacks from it can bring symptoms like tinnitus, hearing loss, pressure in your ears, nausea and vertigo and may last from hours to days.

Speaking to Yahoo! Sports, White reveals that he’s been suffering the symptoms for months, but the final straw came when he suffered a particularly severe attack on Tuesday at a Las Vegas casino which resulted in him having to be taken out in a wheelchair.

Unfortunately Meniere’s Disease isn’t something that can neccessarily be fully cured, but White is set to go in for surgery in an attempt to ease some of the symptoms he experiences.

That will leave him unable to walk for a week however, and the surgery brings with it a risk of some hearing loss.

White admits that it “totally sucks” to not be able to be at the fights, but he appeared to enjoy watching them from the comfort of home and it actually helped him see things from a different perspective, telling fans on Twitter that in future he wanted all the fighter’s walk-ins to be shown.

We certainly would like to wish Dana a full and speedy recovery and hope to see him back where he belongs front and center at the UFC’s events ASAP. It’s just not the same without him!