Last weekend the UFC held an event in Vancouver, Canada which passed by without major incident, but the same can’t be said for last night’s Vancouver Canucks Vs the Boston Bruins hockey game.

After the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup to the Bruins things quickly spiralled out of control in the streets around the city with cars being set alight, windows smashed, stores looted and a handful of fans being stabbed amongst over a hundred others who would be treated for various injuries due to the riots.

UFC president Dana White was well aware of the significance of the Canucks Vs Bruins play-offs which left the UFC playing second fiddle at the weekend, and in fact he even attended one of the games on Friday night to sample the atmosphere for himself, later joking to reporters that when asked by Canuck supporters whether he was from Boston he denied that was the case.

As news of last night’s riots spread, White took to Twitter to remonstrate with the hockey fans who were tarnishing the reputation of both their sport and their city.

“Hey morons stop ruining ur beautiful city of vancouver!!! Its just a f*cking hockey game!!!!!!”

“I don’t ever want UFC fans to act like f*cking idiots.”

“At the end of the day its just a hockey game!! You don’t destroy a city and hurt people over any kind of GAME!”

“I know a lot of hockey fans and I respect the sport of hockey but I don’t respect this dumb bullsh*t!”

“I don’t think that proves its more popular than GSP it proves some dumb f*cks did some dumb sh*t and are going to jail I hope!”

“I love vancouver that’s what pisses me off the most. Great city.”

The irony is that prior to the UFC’s visit at the weekend local Vancouver law enforcement had attempted to get the promotion to pay money towards extra policing for the event, fearing that there would be outbreaks of violence.

The promotion promptly dismissed that idea, pointing to the fact that there was rarely any trouble at UFC events, and indeed that proved to be the case on Saturday night.