UFC Primetime Episode 3: Viewer Ratings

The ratings are in for the third and final episode of UFC Primetime: GSP Vs Hardy, and show that there was a slight upturn in viewers when compared to the 2nd episode.

UFC Primetime: GSP Vs Hardy

  • Episode 1: 1,000,000
  • Episode 2: 506,000
  • Episode 3: 613,000
  • Total = 2,119,000

Contrast that with the first series of Primetime last year:

UFC Primetime: GSP Vs BJ Penn

  • Episode 1: 880,000
  • Episode 2: 825,000
  • Episode 3: 662,000
  • Total = 2,367,000

So the current seasons viewers ratings were a little more erratic than last year’s, but in the end the overall ratings for both were in a reasonably close proximity to each other.

In my book that’s a success as Dan Hardy certainly doesn’t carry the same kind of name recognition and star power as BJ Penn.

The constant here is of course Georges St.Pierre, one of the most popular and recognizable figures in the sport, and it would be interesting to see how the ratings would fare if he was not involved.

Overall I felt this series was solid, though it didn’t have the drama and intense rivalry that surrounded last year’s rematch, and so perhaps hasn’t quite driven the same level of buzz.

It’s still an enjoyable addition to the UFC’s output though, and hopefully they will return with the format sooner than later.  The winner of Saturday night’s Frank Mir Vs Shane Carwin fight and current heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar for instance would be an excellent show, and would likely produce record ratings.


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