UFC Primetime: GSP Vs Condit Episode 1 Now Airing Tonight On FX

In a late change to it’s scheduling, the first episode of ‘UFC Primetime: GSP VS Condit will now air tonight, and the good news is that it’s been promoted to FX.

Originally the show, which looks behind the scenes at the two fighter’s as they prepare to fight at UFC 154, was supposed to air on Fuel TV on Tuesday night, but now it airs tonight at 11pm right after The Ultimate Fighter.

It’s unfortunate that the switch came so late as some people may not realize it’s on, but overall it’s good news for the UFC that it’ll have a chance to be seen be a wider audience on FX rather than the limited exposure that Fuel TV can provide.

It could well be that the thinking here is to attempt to boost TUF’s rapidly falling ratings by attaching Primetime alongside it. We’ll have to wait until early next week to see if it had the desired effect though.


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