UFC ‘Primetime’ GSP vs Hardy Will Be Shown In The UK

Update: You can now watch the full episode at the bottom of this post.

After some uncertainty over the last few days the UFC has now confirmed that ESPN UK will be showing the three-part UFC ‘Primetime’ show featuring GSP and Dan Hardy.

The first episode will air this Saturday (13th March) at 12.30 a.m, with the second episode set for the follow Saturday (21st March) at 10 p.m, and the final part on Saturday (27th March) at 11.30 p.m.

Additional opportunities to watch each episode will also be available on the station.  See uk.ufc.com for more information.

The ‘Primetime’ series takes an in-depth documentary style look at both fighters as they prepare for their welterweight title showdown on the 27th of March at UFC 111 which will air live on ESPN UK only hours after the final episode of the series has been broadcast.

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  1. Yes, the ESPN UK listings aren’t always the most up-to-date unfortunately. The UFC’s official UK site itself only updated with the news today, so it seems like it was a bit of a last minute thing.


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