UFC Primetime: Jones Vs Evans – Episode 1 TV Ratings

Right after The Ultimate Fighter: Live on FX this past Friday night the premiere of UFC Primetime: Jones Vs Evans aired, but it didn’t prove to be a ratings winner on the network.

The half-hour Primetime show delivered an audience of just 462,000 viewers, lower than we’ve seen in the past for debut episodes of these specials.

It caps off a dismal showing for the UFC on FX on Friday as TUF: Live also underperformed with just 947,000 viewers, the lowest in the history of the long-running show.

It’s unfortunate as the Primetime series is well produced and on this occasion did a nice job of recapping the intriguing tale of bad blood between former training partners Jones and Evans.


  1. I’m very surprised by the low ratings considering that Rashad and Jones have a beef going on that will make for an exciting fight. As soon as one of my co-workers from DISH told me that these two are going to fight UFC 145, I ordered it in HD through DISH. I think that since they trained together this is going to be a close fight that I want to have at easy access on my DVR. I’m eager to see if the next two UFC Primetime episodes will focus more on how Rashad and Jones are mixing up their techniques in order to surprise the other on fight night.


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