UFC Primetime: Lesnar Vs Velasquez – Episode 2 (Full Video)

Episode two of Primetime: Lesnar Vs Velasquez aired last night on Spike TV and you can watch the full episode below as the fighters edge ever closer to their main event showdown at UFC 121 on October 23rd.


  1. I’m really happy to see Pat Barry with Deathcluth, not only will it be a massive pickup for his overall game to be training with Lesnar-but more importantly it will give Lesnar access to a world class kickboxer and add to his striking game immensly. I’ve always thought that while Lesnar has an ok camp, it seriously lacks diversity. Virtually no striking partners to spar with, not a (visible) Jiu-jitsu program and just an overall lack of major talent to keep up with Lesnar. Both Madsen and Tuchererser (Sp?) have been knocked out by Shaub now, it’s time to get better kickboxing coaches in the gym. Had Lesnar been taken out by Carwin Greg Jackson would officially own Deathclutch.

  2. Definitely a good move for Lesnar. As you say his camp is lacking in certain areas and it shows in the octagon.

    The only catch is that Barry only offers striking. That’s a good start as Lesnar definitely needs to get a lot of sparring rounds under his belt, but for an opponent like Velasquez he really would have benefited from having someone who can blend striking and grappling fluidly.

    Velasquez is going to be another huge test for Lesnar. I’m really excited to see how it plays out.


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