UFC Primetime: Rampage Vs Evans – Episode 2

The second episode of UFC Primetime: Rampage Vs Evans delves further into both the training regimes and personal lives of both fighters as their main event fight at UFC 114 on May 29th draws ever closer.

Evans training camp looks to be going like clockwork, and with training partners like heavyweight interim champion Shane Carwin pushing him to his limits he has reason to be feeling cool, calm and collected heading into this fight.

Jackson’s training camp doesn’t appear to be quite as meticulous or have the same caliber of training partner, but it’s clear that Rampage’s mind is intensely focused on the task in front of him, and as he repeatedly shouts, “he’s dead!” at the top of his lungs as he works the pads at the end of the episode your left in no doubt that he’s ready for a war.

Check out the full second episode of the Primetime show below.


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