UFC Primetime: Rampage Vs Evans Premiere Draws Record Ratings

The premiere of the three-part UFC Primetime: Rampage Vs Evans show on Spike TV last night pulled in the highest ratings so far for the show.

1.2 million people tuned into the show, 200,000 more than the highest previous rating for the first episode of GSP Vs Dan Hardy earlier in the year.  The episode also recorded a solid 1.2 ratings amongst males 18-34 and a 1.1 among 18-49 year old’s.

As we noted yesterday this run of Primetime was expected to outperform previous series due to the well established rivalry between Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson and Rashad Evans which almost came to boiling point during their time as coaches on the set of The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 last year.

As expected there was plenty of trash talk during the episode, but there were some interesting insights to go along with it.

For instance Jackson’s wrestling coach from his high school days recalled how the fighter had dedicated himself to training and improving his grades in order to become a part of the team.

Meanwhile Evan’s role as a co-host on ESPN’s MMA Live show was noted, and training footage of the former champion showed him training against a number of heavyweights like Shane Carwin and Brendan Schaub in preparation for the bout.

As for the war of words between the two, the best was saved for last.

“You act like when you go in there, your gonna do something to me that nobody’s ever done before, but I fought the best, man.  I don’t think your the best anymore,” Evans said in a matter-of-fact tone as the final montage began to play.

Rampage had a show-stealing zinger of his own in return though.

“You know how you feel like when it’s Christmas Eve and you just want to go to sleep so you can wake up and open your presents?  I just want to got to sleep so I can wake up and open his face!”


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