UFC ‘Primetime’ Returns For Georges St.Pierre Vs Dan Hardy

In the lead up to the Georges St.Pierre Vs BJ Penn rematch in January of last year the UFC launched a special three part show called ‘Primetime’ which followed the fighters in the weeks leading up to the bout.

Now the format will be used again to promote GSP’s latest title defense against the UK’s Dan Hardy at UFC 111 on March 27th.

The series debuts Wednesday, March 10th, at 10pm on Spike TV, with further episodes to follow on March 17th and March 24th.

It’s good news for fans that the UFC are bringing back the Primetime show as it was certainly a welcome addition to the standard pre-fight hype, though personally I would have liked them to have thrown the extra promotional emphasis on the upcoming Machida Vs Shogun rematch, which already has a compelling story waiting to be told.

Having said that I can see the reasons for choosing the welterweight showdown.

As it stands many people do not view Dan Hardy as a significant threat to St.Pierre’s title which may effect PPV sales, but if the Primetime show proves to be compelling then it may help to convince fans that this is a must-see fight.

Hardy’s confident, outspoken views and penchant for winding up his opponents before fights will also help provide the show with a storyline, much as BJ Penn did last year.

UFC Primetime’s debut last year certainly brought up a variety of talking points ahead of the fight, and it will almost certainly do the same this time around.


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