UFC ‘Primetime’ Returns For GSP Vs Shields At UFC 129

The UFC ‘Primetime’ series will make it’s first appearance of 2011 next month, focusing on Georges St.Pierre and Jake Shields in the build-up to their title fight at UFC 129 on April 30th.

“We’re going to do a Primetime on those two,” White confirmed in the aftermath of last night’s UFC 128 event.

As always the Primetime series will take an in-depth look at the two fighters lives over the course of the final three weeks of their training camp.

GSP is no stranger to the Primetime show as Dana White is only too aware.

“Everything you didn’t know about Georges St-Pierre from the other seven ‘Primetimes,’ you’ll learn in this one,” he quipped backstage last night.

In fact this will be St.Pierre’s third stint on the show, having featured in the very first one back in 2009 opposite BJ Penn, and also against Dan Hardy last year.

Therefore it’s likely more of the focus this time round will be shifted to his opponent Jake Shields, and it could prove to be a valuable marketing tool to allow casual fans to become more familiar with the former Strikeforce star who’s currently on a remarkable fifteen fight winning steak.

‘Primetime’ has proven to be a success in the past for the promotion, pulling in over one million viewers on several occasions, and generally leading to increased pay-per-view buy rates.


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