The UFC’s first official programming on FOX emerged on Sunday afternoon thanks a to a new one hour Primetime special looking behind the scenes at the heavyweight title fight between Cain Velasquez Vs Junior Dos Santos which will take place live on the network next Saturday night.

Figures released today reveal that the show was watched by an average of 2 million viewers and produced a 1.3 household rating along with a 0.98 and 0.99 for males 18-49 and males 18-34 respectively.

This marks the highest ratings ever for a UFC Primetime episode, comfortable overtaking the previous high of 1.2 million on Spike TV for Rampage Vs Evans, though in a number of other instances the series has dropped below a million viewers.

Overall it’s a pretty solid number – not amazing given the potential drawing power of FOX, but bear in mind that this was on a Sunday afternoon and was shown in the middle of NFL coverage while other major games were airing elsewhere which would have drawn a lot of attention away from the Primetime show.

On November 12th the resulting fight between Velasquez and Dos Santos will go live for an hour at 9pm on a Saturday night and the numbers that emerge from that will give us a far better gauge of where the UFC stands at this moment in time as they gear up for moving permanently to FOX and it’s subsiduary networks in January.