As we approach Saturday night’s UFC 129: GSP Vs Shields event it seems like there’s more buzz for the spectacle of having a record-breaking 55,000 fans in attendance in a stadium setting rather than the actual fights themselves.

Reinforcing that feeling is a new promo released by the UFC today which emphasizes just how far they’ve come over the years, from having just 2,800 fans show up for UFC 1, through to their recent record-breaking 23,152 fans in attendance at UFC 124 late last year, and now gearing up to completely obliterate that figure at the weekend.

I can’t lie, I’m pretty excited myself to witness how both the layout and the atmosphere translates on the screen, and it’ll be interesting to find out next week whether the curiosity factor attached to UFC 129 did encourage more fans to purchase this event than would otherwise have done so if it was the same fight card in a ‘regular’ venue.

Check out the new official video promo below.