Frankie Edgar and Charles Oliveira went all out in UFC 162’s co-main event and in the end it was the former champion who did enough to secure a unanimous decision win.

we’re underway and Edgar’s immediately firing off a few jabs. Edgar’s pressing forward early and lands a nice right that backs up Oliveira.

Oliveira pulls guard and they briefly work on the mat, before the fight heads back up to the feet. Quick pace to this fight.

Oliveira coming in with a kick and Edgar lands a takedown. Edgar working from inside Oliveira’s closed guard. Suddenly Oliveira tries to reverse, but Edgar gets out and they go back upright.

They exchange a few leg kicks. Edgar moves in, lands a hook, then back out. Oliveira attempts a few flashy kicks, then gets a brief muay thai clinch and fires off a knee.

Nice left lands for Edgar and then in close he scores with an uppercut too. Oliveira briefly slips to the mat, but throws a few upkicks and then stands.

A fast paced round comes to a close with Edgar on top after securing a takedown.

Round two begins with a punch from Edgar and a quick head kick from Oliveira that’s blocked. Edgar catches a kick and lands a punch.

Edgar’s punches looking crisp and he’s moving in and out well despite being at a height and reach disadvantage.

Nice leg kick from Oliveira almost catches Edgar off-balance. Oliveira looks for another kick, but Edgar catches this one and uses it to dump him to the mat, though he allows him to stand.

The quick pace is continuing in this round and after a brief exchange on the feet Edgar secures another takedown. A little ground and pound follows then as Oliveira stands he lands a knee.

Oliveira tries a jumping kick with little impact. Soon after he lands with a nice elbow and then a few light kicks.

A couple of punches from Oliveira then he tries a kick, but Edgar catches it and knocks him off-balance.

Nice combination of punches from Edgar, and then another. They clinch up just for a moment and Edgar gets a good takedown. He gets caught in an Oliveira guillotine though and is lucky that there’s only a few moments left in the round.

Final round and all to play for. Edgar rifles off a few left hands. Oliveira looking to let his own hands go, but he’s got by a hard left that rocks his head back. Edgar fires off more strikes that land. He dumps Oliveira to the mat, but chooses not to follow him.

The referee allows Oliveira back up. The Brazilian unleashes a combo and lands cleanly. Edgar tries a takedown, but doesn’t quite get it.

Edgar lands a nice punch, but Oliveira returns fire. Oliveira trips Edgar to the mat, but he’s straight back up.

Edgar lands another hard punch and Oliveira is rocked, staggering forward. Edgar lets him momentarily off the hook, then starts to score with measured strikes. Oliveira showing a lot of heart though and he avoids being knocked down under the onslaught.

He’s still hurt though and attempts a weak takedown which Edgar stuffs and ends up on top. Edgar scores with some ground and pound to close out a fun fight between two very well conditioned athletes with kept up a torrid pace for the full three rounds.

Onto the judges scorecards then and Frankie Edgar is back in the win column, earning a unanimous decision victory ().