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UFC Results: Phil Davis Defeats Vinny Magalhaes By Decision

Phil Davis picked up a fairly comfortable victory over Vinny Magalhaes tonight at UFC 159, casting aside his wrestling game and showing off his striking skills as he worked towards a unanimous decision victory.

Davis looks to get a few punches off to start and Magalhaes responds with kicks.

They go into the clinch and Davis has his opponent pressed up against the cage, but it’s only temporary and they go back to the striking.

Again it’s Davis’s punches vs Magalhaes kicks, but switching it up Davis goes upstairs with a kick of his own and it wobbles his opponent.

Davis follows up with some punches, but he doesn’t fully capitalize and Magalhaes is able to regain his bearings.

Magalhaes catches Davis off-guard with a takedown and attempts to take his back. It looks good for him, but Davis does well to escape and get back upright.

Davis definitely getting the better of the stand-up at this point with punches finding their mark, while Magalhaes is slowing down a little, with his kicks in response becoming less frequent.

Onto round two and Magalhaes immediately starts to let his own hands go. Davis appears happy to exchange at first, but then darts in and spins around his opponents back and gets a takedown.

He’s wary of being on the mat with the BJJ ace though and opts to get back to his feet. Some nice straight punches from Davis land and Magalhaes has a little blood on his face at this stage in the fight.

A little later Davis catches a kick from Magalhaes and uses it to take him to the mat, but again he opts not to follow him down there.

Back on the feet there’s more offense from Davis and there’s not a whole lot coming back from Magalhaes who looks a little tired. He attempts a takedown, but Davis steers clear of it and finishes the round with more punches.

Round three underway and Davis is again back to pumping the jab nicely while also using good movement to make life difficult for his tiring opponent.

Davis dashes into the clinch and Magalhaes tries to pull guard, but just falls to the mat with Davis able to step away and usher him to get back up again.

There’s the occasional kick coming from Magalhaes, but they are few and far between and Davis is pretty much cruising to victory now as he continues to pick his punches from range.

And so it continues until the final bell sounds and Davis earns a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x2, 29-28).

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