Urijah Faber had to survive an early onslaught from Iuri Alcantara tonight at UFC On FOX Sports 1, before turning the screw with dominant wrestling to claim a solid decision victory.

Faber launches in aggressively looking to clinch up, but Alcantara stuns him by doing a brilliant throw that results on him on top.

Faber squirming to try to break free and looks for a leg lock which distracts Alcantara momentarily, but then he manages to escape that and latch onto Faber’s back.

It’s rare we see Faber in this kind of predicament and he’s really struggling to get Alcantara off him. Credit to Faber though, even with his opponent on his back in a dangerous position he’s still firing off punches to Alcantara’s face.

Alcantara rolls and Faber turtles on his knees. He manages to get up and Faber latches ahold of Alcantara and takes him for a ride, dumping him to the mat.

Alcantara immediately trying for a submission attempt from his back, but Faber gets out of it and starts to bully his opponent with ground and pound from in his guard.

Good elbow strikes from Faber. He’s really turned things around well in this exciting and energetic opening round. More elbows as the round comes to a close.

Faber tried a head kick to start the second round, but loses his balance and stumbles to the mat. He gets back up though and Alcantara’s looking to use a kimura to get him to the mat, but instead it’s Faber who scrambles and gets the takedown up against the cage.

Huge knee to the body of his grounded opponent from Faber. Then he goes back to the elbow strikes with a few body punches mixed in.

Fabers stands over his opponent and then wades back in looking for a guillotine choke. Nothing doing though so he abandons and drops down a series of elbow strikes. Then punches follow and Faber’s really in control of this fight now.

Alcantara working hard to get up to his feet though and manages to do so. They are a tangle of arms and legs in the clinch now, each fighting for the takedown. Alcantara looks to throw Faber, but it’s an attempt that’s blocked and Faber ends up on top landing more solid shots as the round ends.

Leg kick from Faber to start the third round. Faber thinks about a takedown then decides against it. Alcantara opens up with some strikes, but doesn’t land.

Charge forward from Faber, but only a single punch gets through. Alcantara goes upstairs with a head kick that’s blocked.

They clinch up momentarily, and then break apart. Faber gets into the clinch and scores with a takedown. Alcantara tries to reverse, but it doesn’t work out.

Faber controlling the fight on the mat, though perhaps not quite as busy with offensive work this round on the mat.

Alcantara rolls, looking for a potential submission. He’s looking for an omaplata, but Faber defends methodically and rides out the remaining moments of the fight on his opponent’s back.

Good fight for Faber, working his way out of some early adversity to claim a deserved unanimous decision victory (30-26 x2, 30-27)