A new report today indicates that the UFC are poised to sign a new multi-year television deal that will see FOX become their broadcast partners.

The news was first reported by Sports Business Daily, though so far the UFC and FOX have refused to comment.

The deal, believed to be worth in the region of $90 million per year and spanning over the course of 7-8 years, will see the majority of the UFC’s programming, including ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ reality show, moving to FX, essentially replacing the current deal with Spike TV.

Significantly however there is also a provision for up to four live events per year to be broadcast on FOX while some additional UFC content is also expected to end up on Fuel TV as well.

If the report is confirmed then this is an exciting step forward for the promotion and would finally grant them access to a network television audience on FOX for key events, while FX, home to high-profile shows like ‘Sons Of Anarchy’, ‘Justified’ and ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’, will also be seen as an upgrade while still keeping them connected to a young male orientated audience base.