The UFC’s international expansion plans are continuing to develop at a rapid pace and in a new interview with the Las Vegas Journal Review, CEO Lorenzo Fertitta reveals four new cities they have earmarked for events in 2014.

It appears that an often-talked about event in Mexico City will finally happen next year for instance. The UFC have been eager to tap into the Mexican market for years, and a television deal secured earlier in the year will now pave the way for it to become a reality.

Istanbul, Turkey is another new market for the UFC, bridging the gap between Europe and the Middle-East for the first time, and anyone who’s seen a Turkish soccer game will know that the fans there certainly know how to generate atmosphere and passion at a sporting event!

Warsaw, Poland has also been earmarked for a show, and that makes sense as the country has already shown a keen interest in the sport with the KSW promotion hosting regular events on popular TV networks in the region and a few fighters from the region having fought for the UFC in the past.

Finally, they are also looking to bring an event to Berlin, Germany for the first time. It’s been over three years since the UFC held a show in Germany after finding the country tougher to crack than some others due to a negative media reaction and political interference, but fans in the region will take heart from the fact that it appears the promotion haven’t given up on them.

Interestingly, the Review Journal article reports that 40% of the UFC’s revenue comes from overseas markets currently, and they aim to raise that further to make it more lucrative than the domestic market by 2015.

Targeting these new destinations for events in addition to countries like India and China getting brand-new international editions of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ should put them well on their way to achieving that goal in the coming year.