There’s been a lot of heat around a possible match-up between UFC welterweight champion Georges St.Pierre and Strikeforce 170lb title holder Nick Diaz, and according to a new report it’s set to become a reality.

The MMAWeekly website reports today that sources close to the situation have stated that a fight between the two is close to completion and could become official within the next week or so.

If true this would be huge for the sport as it would mean that we may either be seeing the first co-promotion fight between the UFC and Strikeforce, or the first time that Zuffa have used their influence as the owner of both promotions to simply move a Strikeforce fighter into the UFC.

Either way, if this can happen for GSP and Nick Diaz it would also open up the door for other Strikeforce stars such as Alistair Overeem, Gilbert Melendez, Fedor Emelianenko and more to do likewise.

It can’t be stressed enough that this is just a rumor at this stage, but MMAWeekly reports that Diaz was in Las Vegas on Thursday to meet with Dana White.

It makes sense for the UFC to put together this particular fight however as GSP has virtually ran out of challengers in his division, as has Diaz, with the Strikeforce champion being particularly vocal about his disatisfaction with that, and threatening to compete in boxing instead.

Diaz star power is at an all-time high after a string of exciting title defenses that have installed him as one of Strikeforce’s biggest TV ratings draws on Showtime, so it’s in Zuffa’s interests to keep him happy and put his talents to the best use.

If the fight is on the horizon then the other question is where and when it would be held. At this moment in time the most obvious answer would be UFC 140 in Montreal, Canada which was announced for December 10th by the UFC’s Head Of Canadian Operations Tom Wright just days ago.

In fact Wright fielded a question regarding the possibility of a GSP Vs Diaz fight during that announcement, and chose to neither confirm or deny it, a move which further strengthens the chances that this bout is in the works.

“Well, I’ve heard about the Nick Diaz-GSP fight, but it is too early (to tell),” Wright said.

We will of course bring more on this story if and when it becomes available, so stay tuned to in the coming week.

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  1. The fight should happen and it will happen if Dana White is smart especially after the acquisition of Strikeforce. After the fight with Shields, a lot of people backed off of the GSP vs. Silva Superfight. So it only makes sense that these 2 fight in December in Montreal, Silva will fight Okami, we don’t know the Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans thing. It has to happen if Dana White is smart and wants the UFC to keep on making money especially after a terrible UFC 130.