The UFC will return to their happy hunting ground of Montreal, Canada on December 10th for UFC 140, the promotion’s Director Of Canadian Operations Tom Wright has announced.

UFC 124 in December of last year was the last time Montreal hosted an event, and at the time it was a record-breaking one, with 23,152 fans in attendance, though that has of course since been surpassed by the UFC 129 event in Toronto last month.

The thing both those events had in common was that Canadian superstar Georges St.Pierre headlined the show, and barring unforseen circumstances he will surely be at the top of the bill for UFC 140 as well.

The question though is who he may face. There’s been talk of Strikeforce champion Nick Diaz being lined up to fight him, but Wright says at this stage it’s all just speculation.

“I’ve heard about the Nick Diaz-GSP fight, but it is too early (to tell),” Wright told Ringside Report Radio.

Another possibility may be a long-awaited fight with Anderson Silva, perhaps at a catchweight. Silva has a fight scheduled with Yushin Okami in the main event of UFC: Rio in August, and if he emerges victorious a fight in December would seem reasonable.

It would give GSP ample time to gain weight healthily for the encounter, which has always appeared to be his biggest concern regarding the fight.

Again though, this is all just speculation at this stage, and given how far away this event is it may be some time before we have a more concrete idea of who will be fighting at the show.