UFC Undisputed 3 Preview And Release Date

Details are finally starting to filter through about the third in THQ’s MMA gaming franchise, titled ‘UFC Undisputed 3’ which is now set for release in January of 2012.

There’s a whole host of changes and additions to the game, so see below for a comprehensive round-up of them.

– The big news is that there will now be a ‘PRIDE’ mode. Based on the much-loved Japanese promotion this will feature the PRIDE rule-set (soccer kicks, knees and head stomps to a grounded opponent, etc), plus Bas Rutten and stephen Quadros doing the commentary, younger models of ex-PRIDE fighters like Wanderlei Silva and ‘Rampage Jackson, authentic Japanese arenas and fighter entrances.

– The ‘UFC’ section of the game will also now feature fighter entrances along with the new bantamweight and featherweight divisions rosters, and new camera angles.

– The striking game has been enhanced, with kicks in particular being more effective. You can now win by TKO if you damage an opponent’s legs enough with kicks (apparently it’s even possible to break an opponents shin!), but at the same time it’s now possible to counter that by checking leg kicks.

– The ground game has underwent a major overhaul. Gone is the frantic ‘shine’ system in which you had to spin the analog sticks to secure a system. Instead, taking a leaf out of EA Sports MMA’s book, submissions will now be contested via a graphics based system that also takes into account things like fatigue.

– For those of you who are daunted by the control system then there will be an all-new simplified control option available, though hardcore players can still use the original quarter and half-turn controls as in previous editions of the game.

– The online gameplay has also been reveamped with new modes.

Check out a brief interview with lead producer Neven Dravinski about the game courtesy of Gamespot below.

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