UFC Unveils New ‘Live’ Revamp Of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ On FX

Dana White today confirmed that as part of the UFC’s brand-new television deal with FOX, ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ reality show will be revamped into a ‘live’ format.

Airing on Friday night’s on FX the TUF show will now show edited footage from the past week in the house where the fighters live, followed by the weekly live elimination fight.

At the end of each show fans will then get the opportunity to vote for who they want to see fight in the following week’s show.

Here’s White to explain exactly how it’ll work.

“The show used to be shot over six weeks, the fighters would be in the house for six weeks and we would film all that, it would be in the can and then we would edit it and some months later, put it on TV. Now we are going live,” he said.

“Now the show is gonna be shot over 13 weeks and each instalment is gonna be edited the ‘week of’, showing what happened that week, over the four or five days preceding the show, and then the show will be followed by a live fight.”

In addition the team coaches will also be running their training camps for their eventual fight at the same time as the show, rather than doing so after the show has finished filming as has been the case in the past.

That sounds like hard work for the coaches, but it will make for more rivalry between them and gives FX a perfect platform to hype up their eventual fight on the network at the end of the series.

The first edition of TUF to benefit from the new deal will be the fifteen season which is expected to air next year. Meanwhile the last season of TUF on Spike TV will begin on September 21st.


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