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The UFC revealed several more dates on their early 2016 events calendar last night on the UFC Tonight as their first quarter starts to take shape.

Of course we already know that UFC 195: Lawler Vs Condit will take place in Las Vegas on January 2nd, but the next two PPV shows have also now been given a date, with UFC 196 set for February 6th in Las Vegas and UFC 197 landing on March 5th with a location still to be established.

Meanwhile, the first ‘UFC On FOX’ event of the year (the 18th in the series) will go down on January 30th.

Also, along with the ‘UFC Fight Night 83: London’ event announced for February 27th earlier yesterday there’s also a further two ‘Fight Night’ cards scheduled for February 21st and March 19th.

Looking beyond the first quarter one date that’s already been firmed up is UFC 200 which will be the centerpiece of 2016’s ‘International Fight week’ celebrations in Las Vegas on July 9th.

Generally the UFC like to put on one pay-per-view event each month, but based on this current schedule there’d only be room for two such-shows, UFC 198 and UFC 199 to be shared out between either April, May and June.

As it stands no fights have been announced so far for any of the new events announced by the promotion.

Take a look at the full UFC Q1 2016 Fight Schedule as it stands.

Saturday, January 2nd: UFC 195: Lawler Vs Condit
Saturday, January 17th: UFC Fight Night 81: Dillashaw Vs Cruz
Saturday, January 30th: UFC On FOX 18
Saturday, February 6th: UFC 196
Sunday, February 21st: UFC Fight Night 82
Saturday, February 27th: UFC Fight Night 83
Saturday, March 5th: UFC 197
Saturday, March 19th: UFC Fight Night 84