Urijah Faber Spells Out How He’s Going To Beat Dominick Cruz

Urijah Faber has made it clear for some time that he doesn’t like Dominick Cruz, and in a new video blog he pulls no punches as he spells out what’s going to happen when the two fight for the bantamweight title at UFC 132 in July.

“This is a world now where everybody has a voice, and I like that, it’s kinda fun, but let me tell you guys that – I’m gonna win this fight.”

He then laid out exactly why he’s come to that conclusion.

“Dominic Cruz is not a knockout puncher. He’s not a submission expert. He’s always in great shape and banks on that, and I never get tired. Only three people in this world have beat me, and I’ve been fighting for over seven years.”

“He can run but in the end I just don’t think he’s gonna be able to hide. I’m going to be right in his face, I’m going to be hard to hit, I’m going to be punching hard myself. I’m a threat with takedowns, if he takes me down I’m a threat to submission him. I do a lot less movement than he does, but I’m going to be a lot more effective. It’s just a bad match-up.”

Watch Faber’s full blog below.

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