Urijah Faber: UFC 128 Pre-Fight Interview / Video Blog

In a new UFC 128 pre-fight interview with Urijah Faber for UFC.com the former WEC star appears in confident mood, and believes he has what it takes to defeat Eddie Wineland.

“As a threat, I feel he’s a threat in one area. He’s a dangerous stand-up guy, but he’s facing a guy who’s good at everything. I’ve made that my goal, to become a well-rounded fighter. I’m dangerous in every aspect.”

Win, lose or draw, what Faber is promising for his UFC debut is an exciting fight.

“If you’ve watched Eddie Wineland, if you’ve watched Urijah Faber, there’s two things that happen – one is that they go 100mph and the other is they go for the kill. If you’re looking for a great fight which exemplifies what mixed martial arts is all about, then you’re in for a treat.”

Watch his full pre-fight thoughts below, and scroll down for two other recent video blogs from the popular fighter.

Urijah Faber UFC 128 Pre-Fight Interview:

Urijah Faber Training For UFC 128:

In this blog we get to see Faber working out last Saturday, and then chilling with some friends while watching the Strikeforce event in the evening.

Faber Meets The Korean Zombie:

‘The Korean Zombie’ is currently training with Faber, and in his latest video blog they have some fun getting him to say some pick-up lines in English.


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