Video Of Fighters Falling Out Of The Ring At Shine Fights 3

Pretty much everything Shine Fights have done leading up to their lightweight grand-prix last night has gone wrong, so no doubt they were relieved when the fighters finally got into the ring and they could just get down to the business of fighting.

Unfortunately for them it quickly became apparent that there was still plenty of room to add to their recent catalog of calamities.

As you’ll see below their failure to tighten the ropes prior to the event turned it into a deathtrap with the fighters being constantly at risk of tumbling out of the ring. In the second match-up of the night between Shannon Gugerty and Dennis Bermudez that’s exactly what happened as they fell through the ropes onto the floor via the announcers table.

Gugerty initially appeared to be injured but both fighters were able to continue in the end.

In the very next fight James Warfield attempted a flying knee, missed and then also ended up spilling over the ropes and crashed down onto the judges table. He stayed down after the fall clutching his ribs but was also able to continue after a timeout.

At this stage the event was starting to look more like WWE’s Royal Rumble than an MMA show, but thankfully for the safety of all concerned most of the fighters wisely steered clear of the ropes in the remaining fights.

Other gaffs on the night included both fighters in the second semi-final being to banged up from their previous fight to compete. That forced the amusingly named alternate Charlie Brown to be thrust into the bout, while Carlo Prater, who had just lost a split decision was also recalled. Brown entered into the ring first and was then was forced to sit and wait for 10 minutes while officials tried to locate Prater.

I’ll admit I was slightly disappointed when Brown lost the bout simply because a Charlie Brown Vs Knight Rider final would have perfectly summed up to comical nature of the show.

To cap it all off viewers who shelled out the money for the PPV broadcast were also treated to breaks in the action due to technical difficulties.

Rumors that Shine Fights 4 will feature a ring surrounded by a moat filled with sharks remain unconfirmed at this time.


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