Nicholas Musoke managed to survive being floored in the first round of his fight with Viscardi Andrade at UFC Fight Night 36 tonight and then managed to gradually work his way back into contention and grind out a decision victory.

Round One:

The two exchange light leg kicks to start. Andrade knocked slightly off-balance as they meet in the middle of the Octagon.

Musoke taking the center of the Octagon as he stalks Andrade, but then he’s taken down. Andrade’s got him pressed into teh cage and starts landing some solid ground and pound.

Musoke thinks about a submission, but he can’t get the space. Andrade lands some more solid lefts on the mat before Musoke manages to muscle his way back to his feet.

Andrade swinging heavy in the stand-up, but just misses. Musoke lightly clips him with a punch. Then Andrade unleashes a huge overhand right and it sends Musoke dropping hard down to the mat. Andrade raises his hands up in triumph, but it’s not over yet, Musoke’s still conscious.

Andrade realizes this and follows him down to the mat, trying to finish him with ground and pound, but Musoke is recovering quickly now and even attempts a submission before getting to his feet again.

Musoke looking suprisingly steady on his feet now dspite having been rocked and he starts to pursue his opponent. He’s showing that he’s still in this fight, but he’s not able to even the score up in time before the bell sounds.

Round Two:

Musoke taking the center of the cage again to start round two, then gets the clinch and runs Andrade over to the cage. He’s looking for takedown and Andrade fights hard to stay upright. Some knees landing for Musoke now as he gives up on the takedown.

Now it’s Andrade trying for the takedown, but there’s nothing doing and they break apart. Musoke trying to get his strikes going and Andrade counters with a takedown attempt, but this time it’s stuffed.

Now Musoke is trying to turn up the heat with his striking, and he appears to clip his opponent with a head kick. Andrade might be a little hurt here as Musoke follows up with a nice combination of punches.

Andrade backs away from danger, but soon after is taken down by Musoke. Some nice ground and pound landing for Musoke as he continues to gain momentum in this fight.

Into the final minute and from his opponent’s guard Musoke is landing some nice punches and elbows here.

Round Three:

As was the case in the previous two rounds Musoke takes the center of the cage. He gets the better of a couple of early exchanges in close. A nice jab snaps Andrade’s head back.

Musoke ducks under a punch and gets the clinch, driving Andrade up against the cage. He switches to his back and lands some knees to the leg before dragging Andrade to the mat.

Andrade immediately stands, but Musoke is still attached to his back and drags him down again. Now he’s got him in back mount.

A little over two minutes to go and Musoke is in a good position here with the body triangle locked in too. He’s not working too hard for a submission and seems to be happy to just control his opponent.

He starts to pepper him with some short punches. A minute to go and Musoke’s just ticking down the clock which prompts boos from the Brazilian crowd. Andrade unable to get out of the position and we’re headed to another decision.


It’s Musoke who gets the nod here from the judges, winning by unanimous decision (29-28 x3).

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